“Suki no Miyako – Kyoto Mirai Kukan Bijutsukan”

Period : September 1-13, 1994
Venue : Takashimaya Kyoto Store, Kyoto, Japan
Sponsors : Heian Kento 1200th Memorial Foundation, Sabié Cultural Institute, The Kyoto Shimbun
Production : Sabié Cultural Institute

The 1,200th anniversary of the establishment of the Heian Capital (Kyoto) was an opportunity to take a fresh look at the disappearing beauty of Kyoto, and to collaborate with contemporary architects to propose a “grand design” for Kyoto and its “future space” for the 21st century. Masakazu Izumi, producer of the exhibition, stated that, “Suki (数寄 refined taste) does not refer to a specific aesthetic sense or related style, but rather to a device that stimulates aesthetic sense.” He then asked, “Can Kyoto make use of its internally created suki device today?” Junji Ito served as curator, and architects Kengo Kuma and Kiyoshi Takeyama participated in the exhibition organization.