“The illumination Tea Gathering”

Period : November 3-5, 2000
Venue : Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan
Sponsors : Japan Inter-design Forum, Kyoto Art Center

“A New Century of Creation” was the main theme of the 23rd ” Japan Inter-design Forum” (then headed by Kisho Kurokawa). The illumination Tea Gathering was one of 17 related events. Masakazu Izumi was the producer, architect Masayuki Kurokawa and lighting designer Kaoru Mende were involved. The tea gathering setting was presented as a space for the tea-making process to unfold in the imagination of each visitor. Masayuki Kurokawa described the “light” and “darkness” tea rooms as “… an experimental expression of future tea spaces created via “future archaeology” that excavates the future – from the past.” The Sabié Cultural Institute published a illumination Tea Gathering catalogue based on the event.