Period : September 29th - October 3rd, 1993
Venue : Harajuku Quest Hall, Tokyo, Japan
Sponsor : Sabié Cultural Institute

In the SABIÉ–SO event, artists and craftspeople active in Japan and abroad created and exhibited five tea rooms and more than fifty incense containers. In addition, the space was designed to create a route that resembles the roji path that guides visitors to the tea rooms as a composition that is conscious of the aesthetics of the tea ceremony and the passage of time. The  SABIÉ – SO exhibition was the follow-up to SABIÉ – ZEN, and, like the previous exhibition, was initiated by Ikko Tanaka. While “ZEN” means “natural,” “SO” represents the essense of things. SABIÉ productions of the “ZEN” and “SO” events gave insight into the how present-day artists and craftspeople each interpreted their image of the spirituality and aesthetics of chanoyu into actual designs, and gave opportunity to consider the importance and potential role of traditional culture in the modern age.